Day 23: of the 3rd Annual Advent-ure Calendar

Day 23: Revolution Brewing Fistmas 

Revolution is number one on our out of state brewery list to visit. It’s so close to us (Chicago) and we have family there. We love their beers and this one is one of our Christmas favorites. From their website: “Our Holiday Red Ale is steeped with ginger root and orange peel, resulting in a beer with aromas of fresh baked bread, caramel, and stone fruits. Fistmas was brewed with specialty malts to achieve a beautiful deep red hue.”


Beard & Broad
Beard: I always forget how much I like this beer until the first sip, then it all comes rushing back to me. Just enough ginger, just enough hops, a slight citrus bite; this beer has just enough going on for me to consider it amongst the best Christmas beers out there. It has the spices, but also enough hops to balance it out. I could drink a six pack of these easily, even outside the holiday season. One of my favorites. Christmas

Broad: This is one of my favorite holiday ales…maybe one of my favorite beers ever. I look forward to it every Christmas.  I would not describe it as a Christmas ale because it’s not full of holidays spices and malts. It’s hoppy but not too hoppy. It’s malty but not too malty. I taste some holiday spices but it’s not overwhelming. It’s light and smooth and just so delicious. I’m so happy it made it to our list this year.

Adam & Alex
Adam: My review is off because I am dying from a hangover but I do enjoy Fistmas. It falls in line with my new found enjoyment of hops. I also get a little ginger. I wouldn’t buy it in 6 packs just bc I don’t buy many hoppy beers but I would drink it if it was available to me

Alex: Fistmas is hard to describe.  I feel like it’s not a traditional Christmas or holiday beer.  It tastes interesting to me.  It’s a hoppy beer and I get a hint of ginger.  I probably wouldn’t actively go out looking for it but I wouldn’t deny it if it was offered to me.

Scott & Christa
Scott: After discussing this beer with Broad, I no longer feel bad that I can’t describe what this beer tastes like.  It’s delicious and that’s all you need to know.  Revolution Brewing Fistmas is a true highlight of the holiday season.  If you get the chance to drink all 6 of the 6-pack, I’m confident you’ll have a memorable Christmas Day.

Christa: I really enjoy this beer. It’s hoppy with a nice hint of ginger and orange. I got a bit of caramel right at the end too. I always enjoy hoppy, citrusy beers so this is no exception, but what I like the most is the amount of spice I am getting. I usually can’t tell the difference. And I mean, the name is gold.

Tony & Megan
Tony: Badass can, no debating that. Ok, now the beer……it was ok. It’s a lighter ale with some hoppiness and a little bit of spice. It comes across slightly watered down, not a ton of depth of flavor. I’m still a novice beer taster so this is not meant to be disrespectful, I’m just tryin to describe the taste, but this one tasted almost like a hoppy Miller Lite. I know that’s a little harsh but that was my first reaction. Also possible I got a bad, older can. It’s light, you get hops, just not too much else.

Megan: This one is very light and doesn’t have a lot of depth. The holiday spices are there but it feels a little watered down. If you’re going all night, you could easily drink a lot of these. I don’t mind it but if I had a choice, there are some others from earlier this month I would choose first.  Another great design, though!


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