Blind Domestic Beer Tasting

One of our favorite things to do with our beer-drinking friends is host a beer tasting. We’ve tried Christmas ales, pumpkin beers (Beard’s least favorite), summer beers, specific brewery tastings etc. But the one type of tasting we haven’t tried yet was a domestic beer tasting. So we decided to get extra creative with this one.  Sidebar: this was probably the worst (best?) idea we’ve ever had. Read more

Belgium: Waffles, Frites & All the Beer

After two days in Paris it was off to spend four days in Brussels. Getting around Europe is so easy and relatively inexpensive. We had train tickets to Brussels and the train system is pretty simple to understand. The best part of traveling by train (besides the views, those can be pretty sweet) are the train snacks. No, they don’t give you snacks (at least not on the trains we were on). You bring your own.

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Paris: The Land of Walking Food

The most important pic of the trip: the moment Broad fell in love.

As we stated in our previous post, Paris was not on Broad’s list of places to visit in Europe.  The way she puts it, she wanted to see the Eiffel Tower and drink champagne…and that’s basically it. As a little girl, she did not have dreams of frolicking down the Parisian streets while eating macarons (oh, Broad also dislikes(ed) macarons) like so many little girls do. Little did she know this was all about to change!

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Beard & Broad Do Europe!

Essential Plane Attire

We were very excited to get married after 8 years of dating but we may have almost been slightly more excited to go on a honeymoon. We love traveling together. One of the first things we did after we decided to get serious was take a road trip along Route 66 from Los Angeles to Cleveland.  Many couples probably would have wanted to kill each other, we wanted to do it all over again.  We’ve been a ton of places in the US since then and only traveled once out of the country together. We knew early on that for our honeymoon we wanted to go plan a long, memorable adventure a bit out of our comfort zone.
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Broad’s Bachelorette Bash in Austin

austin beer trip
The first night’s crew!

Broad here! I’m taking over this post to do a recap of my bachelorette bash in Austin, Texas. Beard and I want to do a few posts on some of the fun things we did before and after our wedding and we’ll probably do a post on our actual wedding day. So let’s start with my Austin trip! This is not meant to be a guide on bachelorette parties because every bride is different. I just wanted to share all the cool stuff we did in Austin.
*Disclaimer: I did not take photos with our DSLR camera in fear that something would happen to it so the pics are not the greatest*

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Thank You For Your Patience!

beer, blog, travel
We’re married AF

Hi everyone! We just wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for your patience while we’ve been busy with our important life adventures. When we first started this blog, we had just purchased our house.  We had a lot to do making the new house our perfect home. Shortly after, we got engaged, went on some trips, adopted another kitten and planned a wedding. So, blogging got put on the back burner. But guess what? We’re now married AF and we are ready to bring you some amazing content. So please sit tight while we work on some great posts for you!

Hugs & Kisses
Beard & Broad

Murray Pup & the Beer


Broad Banter: Micheladas

Michelada Makings

It’s a very well-known fact that I am obsessed with brunch and that my usual go-to brunch drink is a Bloody Mary. But times, they are a changing! Over the past year I have grown to love micheladas. I first had them while I was visiting Beard in California a few years ago. I thought they were delicious and different but I wasn’t yet hooked. I stuck to my bloody marys and mimosas. Fast forward to last year when we were in Mexico at an all inclusive resort. We were able to get booze 24/7 and both Beard and I had to try a michelada immediately. They were SO GOOD and became our go to morning beverage and our drink of choice when we needed a break from the slushy sweet vacation fare.

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Listen While You Drink

Podcasts and Alcohol
One can get parched when binge listening to podcasts.

The two of us are always trying to think of fun and unique ways to incorporate our interests into our blog posts. Normally we’re discussing beer, food or traveling. Well, today we want to talk about one of our other favorite things: podcasts.  Broad has about a half hour commute to the office and also drives to and from court and to client appointments. Beard drives to the brewery, the production facility and to his sales accounts all over the west side of Cleveland. So, we both spend a lot of time in the car, and Broad also spends quite a bit of time in the office.  Like most people, we’re not thrilled with local radio stations and occasionally grow bored with our Spotify playlists, so we have turned to podcasts. One day we asked ourselves, what are the perfect beverages to pair with our favorite podcasts?  Read on to find out what we came up with!

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