Watershed Distillery Tour

The gorgeous bar in the restaurant

By now, you know that we really love beer. But we also love gin, like really love gin. It wasn’t love at first taste though. Beard first started drinking gin shortly after college. He and his friends went through a Tom Collins stage. Then Broad got into it a little later when Beard started making some delicious gin cocktails. But, we were picky about what gin we drank. Anything that was super junipery or strong was out. Then we came across Watershed Distillery’s Four Peel Gin. We bought it because it sounded delicious and we wanted to support an Ohio business. Now this was love at first sip. We became slightly obsessed. We made tasty cocktails with it and gave it to all our non-gin drinking friends, convinced we could get them to start liking gin. When Watershed Distillery invited us and other CLE bloggers to come down and tour their facility and taste their menu, there was no way we would miss this opportunity! Read more