ClusterTruck Review (+ promo code!)

the sweet and salty pizza

It’s Sunday. You’re hungover (or just lazy). You just cleaned the kitchen (or it’s super dirty), and you just can’t bring yourself to make another meal this week. So, delivery it is! The surcharge is crazy because more than just you had this idea tonight, but you press on. You place your order and sit back and wait. And wait. And wait. And wait longer. Finally, your sustenance hath arrived! Cold! DAMMIT! The whole night is ruined and everything is terrible. Trust us, we’ve been there. Luckily there is now an establishment that is working to change the food delivery game and it’s called ClusterTruck. When they reached out to us with an offer to tour the kitchen and try the food we immediately said yes, because one thing we’re obsessed with is (good) delivery food.

buffalo mac n’ cheese

ClusterTruck’s business model is this: use technology to deliver the best quality food you can at an affordable price. It takes them an average of 21 minutes from when you order to when your food arrives curbside. The menu is inspired by “virtual food trucks” and they always spend less than 10 minutes on the road for delivery.  The food is clean and made from ethically produced products and it never sits under a heat lamp, as soon as it’s finished it’s out the door. Another huge difference between ClusterTruck and other food delivery services is that in addition to making their own food, they use their own technology to streamline the process from cooking the food and getting it to you.  Oh, and no surges or delivery fees!


Their current offerings include items ranging from a wide variety of salads (cobb, taco, and kale), baked mac ‘n’ cheese (buffalo chicken, smoked pulled pork), burgers, pad thai, pizza, tacos, curry, wings and decadent desserts such as chocolate chip cookies. They even offer an array of breakfast items.

Our favorite items we tried were:

  • buffalo chicken tots
  • the loaded tacos
  • sweet and salty pizza
  • buffalo mac ‘n’ cheese


Right now, ClusterTruck is delivering to patrons in downtown Cleveland and to the outer edges of downtown. Check out their delivery map on their website. If you don’t live in the current delivery area, you can order while you’re at work, hanging out at a park or just about anywhere you happen to be while downtown.

the spread

PROMO CODES: We were provided with two promo codes for our readers to use so you can try ClusterTruck! Use 216BEARD for a FREE entree with a $10 order minimum. Use 216BROAD for $5 off a $20 order for returning customers. Hurry, promo codes expire January 25!

*Disclosure: We were invited to a complimentary tour and tasting at ClusterTruck and also received a personal promo code for a free delivery. As always, all opinions are 100% our own.*


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