ClusterTruck Review (+ promo code!)

the sweet and salty pizza

It’s Sunday. You’re hungover (or just lazy). You just cleaned the kitchen (or it’s super dirty), and you just can’t bring yourself to make another meal this week. So, delivery it is! The surcharge is crazy because more than just you had this idea tonight, but you press on. You place your order and sit back and wait. And wait. And wait. And wait longer. Finally, your sustenance hath arrived! Cold! DAMMIT! The whole night is ruined and everything is terrible. Trust us, we’ve been there. Luckily there is now an establishment that is working to change the food delivery game and it’s called ClusterTruck. When they reached out to us with an offer to tour the kitchen and try the food we immediately said yes, because one thing we’re obsessed with is (good) delivery food.

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Belgium: Waffles, Frites & All the Beer

After two days in Paris it was off to spend four days in Brussels. Getting around Europe is so easy and relatively inexpensive. We had train tickets to Brussels and the train system is pretty simple to understand. The best part of traveling by train (besides the views, those can be pretty sweet) are the train snacks. No, they don’t give you snacks (at least not on the trains we were on). You bring your own.

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Paris: The Land of Walking Food

The most important pic of the trip: the moment Broad fell in love.

As we stated in our previous post, Paris was not on Broad’s list of places to visit in Europe.  The way she puts it, she wanted to see the Eiffel Tower and drink champagne…and that’s basically it. As a little girl, she did not have dreams of frolicking down the Parisian streets while eating macarons (oh, Broad also dislikes(ed) macarons) like so many little girls do. Little did she know this was all about to change!

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