It all started while on a beercation to San Diego.  Ok, I think we were there for a wedding actually, but any time we’re in a new city (or at least a place we don’t live), we seek out the local beer and food.  At a particular stop at a particular brewery, as we were trying to take artsy pictures of our flight of beer, Broad proposed we start a blog to chronicle our adventures.  A couple discussions over a couple flights at a couple bars later, we had a name, a couple rough ideas for categories and posts, and we were off.  We knew we wanted it to look as professional as possible, so we reached out to our friend Kyle Holten to help design it.  He’s one of those annoying human beings that’s incredibly talented at basically everything he does, so after a slew of emails, phone calls and facetime sessions, we launched the end product that you see here.  Special thanks to Kyle (check out his website here) for his patience and design skills, and to all of you for checking us out!



Greetings from the bearded half of Beard & Broad. Seeing as this is a beer-centric blog, I feel I must disclaim that I am employed by a particular Cleveland brewery. But as we seek out new and unusual food, beverages and adventures, I promise to strive to remain neutral. After all, lots of hard work goes into everything we’re lucky enough to enjoy and we hope to use this outlet to highlight those individuals that make our fun possible.

Craft Beer: This changes nearly daily, but as of right now, The Bruery Hottenroth
Brewery (other than my place of employ): Wicked Weed
First Beer That Made Me Re-think Beer: Stone Arrogant Bastard
Watering Hole: Rozi’s Wine House
Non-Blog Hobby: Cooking, Homebrewing, Film
All-time favorite TV show(s): Seinfeld, South Park, Breaking Bad
Podcast: Spontaneanation
Non-alcoholic beverage: Coffee, Tea
Food: Lobster. And if it weren’t for the predictable effects on my body, Korean BBQ. I guess that’s a cuisine though, so…meat?
Late Night Snack: soft pretzels with Lusty Monk mustard. Kinda specific, but that mustard changes lives.
Social Media App: Facebook
Sunday Activity: Coffee/Brunch followed by lazy activities I can participate in while wearing sweatpants.

Email: beard@thebeardandbroad.com




Hi I’m Julia! I’m a full-time lawyer lady who not so secretly wishes I could be a stay-at-home pet mom. I am completely obsessed with our 3 cats Gracie, Riggins and Scout and our Corgi, Murray Pup. I consider myself a brunch aficionado and I’m always on the hunt for the perfect Bloody Mary.

Craft Beer: Sour Bikini by Evil Twin
Brewery: Boulevard Brewing Company
Type of Beer: Sour
Watering Hole: Rozi’s Wine House
Guilty Pleasure: The Real Housewives Series
Non-Blog Hobby: Cooking
TV show(s): Lost, the Office, Six Feet Under
Non-alcoholic beverage: Coffee
Food: Cheese
Late Night Snack: Pizza Rolls
Social Media App: Instagram
Sunday Activity: Brunch followed by a day full of Netflix and Murray Pup cuddles.

Email: broad@thebeardandbroad.com



Murray Pup the Official Brew Pup

Murray is the official brew pup of Beard & Broad. You’ll notice him in many of our pictures as he always manages to sneak in and strike an adorable pose. He often accompanies us on our local adventures and always begs our guests for belly rubs during Beard & Broad’s home beer tastings.