Blind Domestic Beer Tasting

One of our favorite things to do with our beer-drinking friends is host a beer tasting. We’ve tried Christmas ales, pumpkin beers (Beard’s least favorite), summer beers, specific brewery tastings etc. But the one type of tasting we haven’t tried yet was a domestic beer tasting. So we decided to get extra creative with this one. ¬†Sidebar: this was probably the worst (best?) idea we’ve ever had. Read more

Belgium: Waffles, Frites & All the Beer

After two days in Paris it was off to spend four days in Brussels. Getting around Europe is so easy and relatively inexpensive. We had train tickets to Brussels and the train system is pretty simple to understand. The best part of traveling by train (besides the views, those can be pretty sweet) are the train snacks. No, they don’t give you snacks (at least not on the trains we were on). You bring your own.

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