Columbus Beerfest

Columbus Beer

Last weekend Beard & Broad did something a little different. We offered our services as beer pourers for Platform Beer Co., one of the newer, rapidly growing breweries in the Cleveland area. This was the first Columbus fest for the brewery, and a chance for them to start building a following in the Columbus area before they start distributing there. Normally we don our pretzel necklaces and get drunk with all the other riffraff at these events, but this was the first time we were the pourers instead of the pourees…and wow, what a different perspective it was being on the other side of the tasting table.

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Broad Banter: Bubbles

Bubbles (and Murray Pup) obviously helped me write this post

Welcome to Broad Banter! This is a reoccurring segment for the blog where I (Broad) get to pick a topic and control the discussion. Beard will chime in a thought or two but this is lady time.

Today on Broad Banter I want to talk about Bubbles. I’m talking Champagne, Prosecco & Cava. I may love beer but I love Bubbles just as much. Why do I love Bubbles? First, Bubbles are versatile.  They mix well with juice: think mimosas and bellinis. They mix well with liquors think French 75s (one of my all time favorite cocktails) Second, you instantly feel a little fancier when drinking Bubbles, mostly because Champagne glasses are just so damned fancy looking. It’s also one of the few drinks that is acceptable to wake up to, like for Sunday brunch.
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Lost in the Woods with New Belgium Brewing

New Belgium Beer
Are Beard & Broad cool enough for this event?

This week we attended New Belgium’s Lost in the Woods event. We knew little about the event. What we knew was New Belgium was hosting it, there would be sour beers, and food provided by one of our favorite Cleveland food purveyors. We were instantly sold and tickets were bought.

New Belgium Beer
Spotted by Cleveland Scene Magazine

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